A heart-centered, compassionate consultation centered on the belief that our bodies were created by God and made to be healthy, whole, and complete.

Some of the methods used include laying on of hands, prayer, counseling and building faith through scripture reading while meditating on the Holy Spirit as our true source of Healing.

All clients are treated professionally, with the highest level of respect and dignity, while providing a private space that is safe and comforting.  

All issues and concerns are dealt with as real and valid.  By coming into agreement we address old thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and harmful remnants from the past with the clear intention of creating peace and balance in the body while restoring a relationship with our Heavenly Father.


Just a few reasons to seek out Healing Touch:

  • Physical ailments such as back aches, head aches, etc.

  • Anger issues

  • Resentment

  • Fear

  • Depression

  • Divorce

  • Childhood trauma

  • PTSD




Level 3 Healing Touch Practitioner


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