A company dedicated to changing the ordinary life into an extraordinary journey by focusing on the needs of the individual mentally, physically, and spiritually through the use of products and services that promote healing, wellness, and conservation.


Life Coach
Money Coach

A Money Coach helps to provide an individual or group the direction, motivation, and inspiration necessary to achieve their desired goals and dreams.  Financial freedom allows a person to not only pursue their own purpose in life but also impact the world by means of generosity.  We were not created to live in fear and stress, instead we were made to be the salt of the Earth spreading the Good news to all that will have ears to listen.  Don't let financial strife hold you back from your God-given purpose.

Gifts of the Spirit
Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a divinely inspired way to heal the body of pain and sickness.  It is a Creation by God that we are able to tap into the energetic field of the body and manifest change.  Just like a computer, old programs of thought not serving our best and highest good, can be re-programmed and transformed into new ways of health, balance, and positive thinking.

Guest Speaker

Inviting a guest speaker to your event provides an excellent opportunity to engage and instruct  your group on the topic at hand and provide them with valuable, potentially life changing information.  From small, at-home parties to large corporate affairs, every bit of care and thought will be given to make your event successful.

Gifts of the Spirit is an online shop meant to inspire and bless all those who enter.  A place to offer beautiful merchandise with the sole purpose of promoting the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit:  Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control.